• Fluid Mechanics I, Mec E 331

    Learn and be able to apply fundamental fluid mechanical principles and equations to solve engineering problems; understand the basic theory; develop problem-solving skills and intuitions for correct applications of fluid mechanics principles in engineering. Topics include external flows, boundary layers, conservations of mass and momentum, Navier-Stokes equations, similitude, fluid metering, fluid friction, and pipe networks. Prerequisites: MATH 209 and MEC E 230 and 250.

  • Heat Transfer, Mec E 371

    Mechanisms of heat transfer, steady and unsteady heat conduction, thermal radiation, free and forced convection, and heat transfer with change of phase and mass transfer. Prerequisites: MEC E 230, CH E 243.

  • Graduate Fluid Dynamics, Mec E 630

    Kinematics of fluid motion, fundamental fluid equations and concepts, laminar boundary layers, potential flow, stability and transition, introduction to turbulence.

  • Past courses

    Graduate Microfluidics (2013, 2014) & Undergraduate Numerical Methods, Mec E 390 (2016, 2017, 2018)



Numerical Simulation


Nanofluidics, Microfluidics, Wetting, Drop Impact, Fluid Mechanics, and Porous Media Flow

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Mec E 371 Heat Transfer
Mec E 331 Fluid Mechanics

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R&D Consulting
Fluid Measurements

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