Fluids, Interfaces, and Soft Matter

We work on applied fluid dynamics and interfacial science at both micro- and macro- scales for energy, health, and environmental applications, using experiments, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulations. Our current research activities focus on micro- and nano-fluidics, evaporation, complex fluids, soft matter, evaporation, wetting, and convective transport. We welcome scientists and industrial partners to contact us for collaboration.


> Several research projects on applied fluid mechanics and surface science are available for both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Motivated students are welcome to contact me (search for or see Scholarship Opportunities for international and Canadian students).


> Welcome Cindy to the group (August 2017).

> Welcome Linda to the group (June 2017).

> Welcome Donatien to the group (May 2017).

> Invited talk at the Tsinghua University, Beijing (May 2017).

> Welcome Lukas, Ricardo, and Jorge to the group (January 2017).

> Paper accepted in Physical Review Fluids (January 2017): Convective mixing in homogeneous porous media flow, by J. Ching, P. Chen, and P. A. Tsai*.

> Paper published in Soft Matter (January 2017): Universal wetting transition of an evaporating water droplet on hydrophobic micro- and nano-structures, by A. Bussonniere, M. B. Bigdeli, D.Y. Chueh, Q. Liu, P. Chen, and P. A. Tsai*.

> The Tsai research group is going to the APS DFD Meetings, presenting our recent work [All the abstracts] (November 2016).

> Paper published in Scientific Reports, Nature Publication Group (November 2016): Confinement effects on ion transport and electrokinetic flows at the microscale, by A.M. Benneker, J.A. Wood, P.A. Tsai & R. Lammertink.

> Paper published in Plasma Sources Science and Technology (Oct 2016): Plasma-Liquid Interactions: A Review and Roadmap, by P. J. Bruggeman, M.J. Kushner, B.R. Locke, J.G.E. Gardeniers, et al.

> Congratulations to S. Chanda on receiving an Alberta Innovate Technology Future (AITF) Graduate Student Scholarship (September 2016).

> Welcome Yunlai, Grégoire, and Xiaoyan to the group (September 2016).

> Congratulations to S. Chanda on receiving the best oral presentation award in the session of Engineering for a Sustainable Future, in the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium at the University of Alberta (June 2016).

> Welcome Akhila to the group (June 2016).

> Paper published in Scientific Reports, Nature Publication Group (June 2016): Altering Emulsion Stability with Heterogeneous Surface Wettability, by Q. Meng, Y. Zhang, J. Li, R. Lammertink, H. Chen and P. A. Tsai*.

> Welcome Yichen to the group (May 2016).

> Paper published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (May 2016): Spatial site-patterning of wettability in a micro-capillary tube, by Y. Zhang, J. van Nieuwkasteele, Q. Meng, P. A. Tsai and R. Lammertink.

> Prof. Tsai named Canada Research Chair in Fluids and Interfaces (Tier 2)
[ U Alberta News ] [ Mech. Eng. Departmental News ] (February 2016).

> Welcome Sara to the group (February 2016).

> Welcome Masoud to the group (January 2016).

> Invited talk entitled "Wetting, Slippage, and Electrokinetics on Soft Interfaces" at MRS (Materials Research Society) Fall Meeting (December 2015).

> Contributed talk at APS DFD Meeting in Boston (November 2015).

> Welcome Adrien to the group (November 2015).

> One postdoc position filled (Octorber 2015).

> Paper published in Physical Review E, Rapid Communications (September 2015): Dynamics of Micro-vortices Induced by Ion Concentration Polarization, by J. de Valenca, R. M. Wagterveld, R. Lammertink and P. A. Tsai.

> Welcome Sourayon, Mohammad, Jia-Hau, and Kerry to the group (September 2015).

> Invited talk (August 2015) at the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

> Invited talk (August 2015) at the National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei.

> Invited talk (July 2015) at the University of Rennes, France.

> Contributed talk (July 2015) at the International BIFD (Bifurcation and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics) conference, Paris, France.

> NSERC Discovery and Accelerator grants awarded to Dr. Tsai's group research (April 2015).

> Paper published in Soft Matter (11, 882-888, 2015): Formation and Prevention of Fractures in Sol-gel-derived Thin Films, by E. J. Kappert, D. Pavlenko, J. Malzbender, A. Nijmeijer, N. E. Benes and P. A. Tsai.

> Paper published in J. Fluid Mech. Rapids (764, R3, 2015): The Graetz-Nusselt Problem Extended to Continuum Flows with Finite Slip, by A. S. Haase, S. J. Chapmon, P. A. Tsai, D. Lohse and R. Lammertink.